My Favorite Kitchen Items

I should be making dinner right now but instead, I am blogging :) I wanted to share some of my favorite kitchen items with you. There are definitely more but these are some things I couldn't live without!

This little baby is a lifesaver when it comes to chopping veggies quickly. It is also great for shredding. I use it to make nut butter, stir batters, beat eggs, you name it. It is invaluable and saves me so much time! My hubby got me this for Christmas after my cheaper food processor (wedding gift) broke while shredding cheese ;( This is a much better food processor and seems to be much more durable.

I don't have many Pampered Chef items, but this is one that I love. Especially the little silicone roller. You simply put the garlic inside, give it a few rolls on the counter, and it loosens the skin, peeling the garlic for you. There are so many times when I just try to peel the skin myself and after 10 minutes I'm asking WHY on earth did I not just get my little handy dandy roller out? It is one of my favorite items and considering how much garlic we use, it comes in very handy. I also love the little garlic slicer. It works well for almonds when I make muesli

A garlic press is also a must in my kitchen. I use so much garlic that my press is almost always dirty. The only problem is that my press really doesn't work very well and wastes a lot of the garlic. This one from (again from Pampered Chef) is on my wish list. I've used my mother-in-law's and it's wonderful.

Okay, one more Pampered Chef item (I'm not affiliated with them at all) - this kitchen spritzer is very nice. I don't use any vegetable oils besides olive oil and this makes it easy to spray my pans. You can also use coconut oil when it's nice and hot in the summer. 

I recently got this immersion blender from Costco for a mere $30 and it has quickly become one of my most used tools. It came with a mini food processor which I love for quick jobs as well as a whisk attachment which beats egg whites very quickly I've noticed. I use it to puree soups right in the pot, make mashed cauliflower, mix quick small batches of tomato sauce, squash bars or pancakes, applesauce, etc. I use it ALL the time...again, another item that is always dirty!

This is definitely my most pricey kitchen item but I love it. We have broken a couple of blenders, so we knew investing in a powerful one was a must. We have loved every minute of having our Blendtec. It is a must for super smooth green smoothies and is wonderful for all sorts of other uses like making almond milk. I love that you don't have to have a separate container to grind grains! You can make flour right in the blender - which was important to me with gluten free baking. I love using it to make my blender pancakes.

This is a really simple kitchen tool but I couldn't live without several wooden spoons. They are what I use primarily when cooking. I like the long handles and they are so sturdy for any task. Someday I would love nicer wooden spoons but right now I just use cheapy ones from Target. 

This is probably the best $5 ever spent. We got this cheese grater from Ikea this past year and it is awesome. It's sharp, so it shreds really, really well. It's awesome for quick shredding jobs, whether it's cheese or zucchini. I love it.

Cast Iron Skillet. One word: Essential. I use my skillet all the time. It cooks evenly and I love that I can stick it in the oven. I wish I had two like this picture!

This one seems kind of simple, just like the wooden spoons, but I love my metal spatula and it seems to be another item that is always dirty...I need more than one! It's great for breaking up meat, making scrambled eggs, and flipping pancakes.

I am lucky to have two crockpots and at any one time, either one or both of them is dirty. I use them so much. I mainly make yogurt, sour (yogurt) cream, roast whole chickens, or make chicken stock. I also cook big batches of meat, then freeze leftovers. I couldn't live without my crockpots. One has a timer and some settings, the other is manual...I love both, but if I had to choose, I do like the one with some settings so I can have more control over how long things cook. I have a goal to use my crockpot more for meals once this baby comes...I love putting something in it in the morning, then forgetting about it and having dinner magically ready when the kids are hungry. 

Last - my favorite knife. I do not have good knives by any means but my very favorite knife to work with (we have Kitchenaid knives) is my Santoku style knife. I use it for all my chopping and dread having to use any other knife because nothing else does the job nearly as well! Someday it'd be a dream to have a set of really nice knives!

Alright, I've shared my favorites...what are your favorite kitchen items?