GAPS Journal: Moving to the Full diet

We are slowly transitioning to the Full GAPS diet with some modifications. Basically we are just modifying our Intro since the kids are tolerating some things, being able to move on to new stages, yet not tolerating other things. It seems that #2 tolerates almond flour better than almond butter, so I have tried giving the kids muffins or biscuits, which they adored. The muffins had a bit of coconut flour in them too but I didn't notice any adverse reactions. I introduced some cooked berries yesterday so we will see how they do. The cooked apples are a no-go so far for #1 so I am curious to see how the cooked berries will be tolerated. I am hoping to simply add in a bit more flexibility as far as snacks are concerned because I will need that once this baby joins us. The baked goods will definitely be limited to only a couple of times per week to keep costs down and because they are harder to digest, but it will be nice to have them accessible for those times when we need a quick, pre-made snack.

#1 was diagnosed last week with dyspraxia of speech. Basically, there is a disconnect between his brain and the muscles in his mouth to create speech. This diagnosis makes a lot of sense and I am happy to be on a path that will help him improve, as we now finally have a prescription for him to attend speech therapy (he is also currently attending a speech therapy preschool through our local public school). Having him receive that diagnosis was hard yet good all at the same time. It is difficult to accept that your child has a disability but it is a wonderful thing to know finally how to really help that child out. I feel even better about sticking to the GAPS diet long term because dyspraxia is one of the very conditions it is listed to help! What a blessing. I had seen that condition listed on the front of the GAPS book (image to the right) but didn't know what Dyspraxia fact, I had never heard of it until I got this book a couple of months ago. How fitting that it is what we are dealing with. I have definitely been led over and over to this diet and am so glad we committed to doing it. I have seen so many little improvements in #1 since beginning and I am committed for the long term, especially now that I know this is exactly what he needs.

On the baby front, this mama is having lots of cramping and today it's moved to my back. I'm definitely in pre-labor, the only problem with that is that this can last for weeks! With my other two, I didn't have any cramping until labor actually began so I am hoping that this is a good sign. I'm going to try using some clary sage essential oil later on today to see if it will help my contractions become more regular. I figure it will work if my body is ready and if it isn't ready, then it won't work and no harm done. Now I've got to work up the energy to go grocery shopping especially if this baby does decide to come soon!