Waiting for Baby

We are still (not-so-patiently-but-trying) waiting on this cute little bundle to arrive...

Isn't it adorable? Well, I think it is at least. He/she seems to look just like our other kids...I think we definitely seem to have a "mold." It turns out that my due date was a bit off. According to my LMP, I should have been due about October 14th, making me close to 43 weeks pregnant (ahh!) but that is obviously not accurate. I went back through my calendar and did some other calculations and I'm thinking my due date must have been more like October 26th-ish, making me 41 weeks pregnant. Other ultrasounds have placed my due date later but considering when I found out I was pregnant, there is absolutely no way I would have known if my due date was any later. So, here we sit and try to wait patiently.

It is hard. I admit it. This last week especially has been extremely trying for me. But, each time I think about rushing things in a not-so-natural way (ie, going to the hospital and getting induced), I don't feel good about it. I just innately feel like this baby needs more time. That doesn't mean I'm not trying some natural things to get labor going. I've tried just about everything and nothing is working (meaning baby really is not ready to come out, dang it). I am, however, kind of reaching my mental and emotional limit so I am trying some things again. Hopefully they will work because I'm getting really ready (while trying to remember at the same time that this baby will come on God's timing). Please keep my in your prayers, will you? Either that this baby can come SOON or that I can have the strength to get through this last little bit. I need something. I have been eating way too much chocolate to get me through and that has got to stop ;)

I had an ultrasound and non-stress test today and the baby looked perfect...what a blessing! The heart rate was excellent, the placenta was perfect, and amniotic fluid levels were wonderful. I think this baby is just much too comfortable. It even kept making pouty faces as if to say, "Guys just leave me alone!"

I hope I'll be posting soon about our new arrival...until then...bon appetit ;)