"Razzmatazz" Green Smoothie

This green smoothie reminds me so much of my old time Jamba Juice favorite, Razzmatazz. My kids gobbled it up and so did I! Change up the ingredients as you like...it is very flexible. As your taste buds adapt, increase the amount of greens in the recipe. Now go make this and get some raw goodness in you!

"Razzmatazz" Green Smoothie
serves 4

3 small oranges, peeled and quartered
1 ripe avocado
handful of mixed berries
handful of frozen peaches
large handful spinach
handful baby carrots
1 cup water

Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender (I have a Blendtec and love it). Blend until very smooth. Serve up in glasses and enjoy!

*Tip: Did you know that the nutrition content of organic spinach is much, much higher than that of conventional spinach? The best part is that organic spinach is extremely comparable in cost to the conventional counterpart. If you have a membership to Costco, you can get a huge tub of organic spinach for just over $3. Now that is bang for your buck! They also have frozen organic peaches and other organic items that help soften the blow to the budget that inevitably happens when eating whole foods (but remember, your health will thank you).