Homemade Fabric Softener

I like my laundry to be soft and fresh. I grew up in a household that used Downy...oh boy were our clothes soft! And they smelled so good. Through the years as I have eliminated as many toxins from my home as possible, I have tried various fabric softeners. Most recently, I have been using a "natural" fabric softener from the grocery store Sprout's. It worked well but I saw that you could use vinegar on Pinterest, so I gave it a try because I had run out of the Sprout's brand.

I simply filled up my empty fabric softener bottle to the top with distilled white vinegar and then added 6-8 drops of grapefruit essential oil. I have a fabric softener ball and filled it up 1/4 of the way with vinegar and ran my wash as usual. The result: soft clothes! And, they don't smell at all of vinegar. What a simple, frugal way to do laundry! Natural and cheap...my favorite combination! Give it a try.

*You can get a large bottle of distilled white vinegar at Costco for around $3...it is so cheap and I use it for all of my cleaning projects! We most recently used it to spray weeds...I'll let you know how it worked.

And just for fun, here is little Miss Olive who just turned 3 months old. She is already full of giggles and smiles! She is such a calm baby. It doesn't surprise me since she was so calm at birth

Update: I have now done several loads using the vinegar as softener and I am still impressed. The clothes are soft enough, though not quite as soft as commercial fabric softener. It is a great way to be frugal, but I say if you can afford a natural fabric softener, then use it. If not, vinegar does the job!