I was thinking today. A lot. I am planning to do a GAPS diet update soon but I can't bring myself to sit down and write out how we're doing. Mostly because I feel stuck. Overwhelmed. Heavy.

Healing the body through food is a long, difficult process. There are up days. And there are down days (a lot of them). But putting a band-aid on a problem does not fix it. With a holistic view, you must fix what is broken from the inside out. It requires patience, diligence, and faith. And boy are those things tested constantly.

So as I have struggled the past few weeks with ups and downs, I have been contemplating this question..."Why am I so passionate about eating real food?"

I am passionate because we are being healed, through food. I watched this video today. It shows how processed food moves through your digestive track and documents the fact that your body does NOT know what to do with it. It is not nourishing! And it is actually quite the is harmful. It makes me sad to see all of the disease we deal with today. I recently heard that one of the health problems teenagers (teenagers!) suffer from the most is...heart disease. Can you believe that? Our children. Suffering from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer. These do not just happen by chance. They are very closely tied with our diet and the toxins in our environment. I recently enjoyed watching the Biggest Loser with my husband. I was so impressed that at the finale, many of the contestants no longer suffered from the diseases they came on the show with (like diabetes). This was accomplished not by some magic PILL, but rather by exercise and eating healthy (although my version of healthy eating differs quite a bit). I thought that change was very profound and speaks of how much control we really have over our health.

I am passionate for my children. For all children. They shouldn't have to grow up in a world that is literally poisoning them with every bite. Perhaps I sound extreme, but I don't think it's extreme. Food has a tremendous affect on us. We need it. We cannot live without it. Imagine how much better we could live and feel if we simply ate real food?

If you are passionate about real food too, please stand up and speak out. Our country needs to see so much change in this area. People need to be educated. More importantly, we need to be examples. Let's be the people who bring healthy snacks to the park or make a healthy dessert to take to a party. Let's show people that eating real food is enjoyable and that life does not have to end when you give up things like processed foods, artificial colors, and high fructose corn syrup. We can change the world by helping our families eat healthier, one meal at a time.

*I saw at Costco the other day that there are new healthier Go-Gurts. They are a step up from the old version...they do not have artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup. Sure, they are still quite sugar-laden, but I was impressed. It is a step in the right direction. I still would not get it for my kids, but for most people who don't know a lot about nutrition, it is better than the colored version.