Little Triumphs

Prior to starting the GAPS diet, my nearly four year old Max was struggling behaviorally. He still has his struggles but there are little shining moments that happen along the way that whisper to me - healing is taking place. Those little moments lift my day more than anyone can ever imagine! They keep me going and lift my spirits.

Last Thursday, I finally introduced a commercial probiotic. We are each only taking 1/3 of a capsule to minimize any detoxification reactions (and we are having detox even with that tiny dose of VSL #3!). I am having really bad tooth sensitivity since starting the probiotic and am really fatigued. Max has been covered in hives big time and Maude has been waking up with mild night terrors and is coughing in her sleep. We also eliminated dairy on Friday to see if it would help Max with his hives (I also think Olive may not be tolerating dairy through my breastmilk...she has a small patch of eczema on her arm and spits up a lot...and what can I say, I am pretty paranoid about gut issues so I'm going to see if removing dairy from my diet helps her out). He has been pretty covered in hives but I noticed today that they were much better! So, either his detox is calming down or dairy is exiting his system...I won't really know until I try re-introducing something like kefir or yogurt to test it.

Anyways, on Monday, we went to the park to have breakfast with some family. The kids were so excited to see their cousins! Grandma brought a big plate of fruit so I allowed the kids to have some (I usually limit their fruit but this was a fun occasion). I gave them each a couple of slices of strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, and oranges, purposely skipping the apples because I knew they wouldn't be organic and those are #1 on the dirty dozen list. I kind of knew that Max would notice but thought I'd see if he'd go along with it. Pretty soon, he was tapping my back and surprised to see him there (he doesn't do things like that), I turned around. He said to me, "Mom, can I have an apple slice please?" My jaw just about dropped and I said "Oh of course! I completely forgot to get you one!" He was so happy as I handed him that little apple slice. Now, to the parent of any normal child, that might not seem like much. But, Max has NEVER asked me a question like that and definitely not in such a polite way. Usually he would be hoarding any and all food he could and he definitely wouldn't have asked me first or asked me in a nice way. I was so proud of him for having the ability to process and be able to formulate the question in a polite manner, then approach me, then have it all come out plain as day, and then have the ability to be happy with just one apple slice instead of melting down because I didn't give them all to him. What a happy, happy moment! It was big! He has also started asking me questions all the time, like "What's her name mom?" or "Mom, what time is it?" or "What happened mom?" It's so fun and I am so grateful for every one of those questions he asks, even if he asks it a billion times!

He has also been showing much more emotion lately. He will go up to Olive (four months old) unprompted, lay down by her, fold his arms around her neck and say "I love you." Or, he'll sit close to me on the couch and although rare, say he loves me. Prior to the diet, he did not express emotion at all. Now if he is concerned about something, I'll say "Does that make you sad?" And he'll look at me, with clear eyes, and say "Yeah, I feel sad." He's also recognizing hunger, saying "Mom, I'm super hungry!" or "I'm super tired!" It is so fun to have him be able to express these feelings (and so funny because his two year old sister expresses the same exact things even though she is 20 months younger - in some ways it makes it easier to see his progress because he certainly wasn't capable of those things at her age).

I love these little triumphs and knew I needed to record them because it's so easy to forget when the bad days seemingly outnumber the good! I love good moments.