Probiotic Chocolate Ice Cream

This chocolate ice cream is pretty darn good. And suitable for GAPS...woohoo! I might have finished the whole thing by myself (spread over a few days of course). The best thing about this ice cream was that it remained soft and scoop-able even after being frozen. Also...probiotic ice cream? Yes please. Another plus. I got the recipe idea from here and the image is from here. Although we are currently not eating dairy, I can't wait to have a little taste of this again.

Probiotic Chocolate Ice cream

2 cups organic cultured cream*
1/2 cup raw honey
3 organic egg yolks
1 tablespoon vanilla
1/4 cup cacao powder

(These directions are for using an ice cream maker. See here for making ice cream without a machine.)

In a small pot over low heat, warm raw honey and egg yolks. Stir until smooth. Remove from heat, let cool five minutes, then add vanilla and cacao powder - mix until smooth. Whisk chocolate mixture into the cultured cream. Prepare according to ice cream maker directions (I just turn my maker on, pour in the mixture, and let it mix until it is the consistency desired). 

*To culture cream, you can follow these directions substituting organic heavy whipping cream (NOT Ultra-Pasteurized) for the whole milk (for GAPS, be sure to let the cream culture for 24 hours so most of the lactose is removed). Alternatively, use this culture and prepare according to directions. Organic heavy whipping cream can be used without being cultured, if desired.