Sometimes people have said to me, "I don't know how you eat the way you do..." And then I just laugh inside because really, it's simply a choice I've made. Granted, I have been working on this choice for years but now I finally feel as if I have it somewhat down pat. I've made my choice, it's clear in my mind, and that's that.

You see...I really have no will power. When I see something I like, I have to have it. And usually I have to have all of it. Like the cookies I made recently. I am embarrassed to admit I pretty much ate all of two batches. I simply can't make treats - healthy or not - because I will eat them all. No self-control.

I'm a black and white personality. I've always been this way. It's good or bad. Right or wrong. I have a hard time seeing gray...even though it would be useful from time to time. Since I've made the choice in my mind that certain foods are bad for my body, they don't tempt me (anymore...that has taken time). But I don't play with fire. Because really, it's only in my head. If you actually stuck me in a room with a bunch of cake (my favorite!) and donuts (yum!), I'd probably have a hard time not going to town. I've made a choice in my head, so I do what I can physically to avoid giving into the temptation.

I don't make treats unless I'm okay with the fact that I will eat a lot of them. So then I make healthy treats. Then I eat way too many. Then I swear I'm not going to make treats again for awhile ;) But really, I don't allow myself to be tempted too often because I know I'll give in.

It's all about choices. Some choices are easier to make than others. But if you have a goal for yourself regarding your health and you want to succeed, try to make it easy on yourself! If junk food is your vice, keep it away. Because, who can really just have one bite?

What's your take on choices? Can you surround yourself with things you love but then have the willpower to not partake? 

Does that cake look good or what?!? I have to's a good thing gluten makes me sicker than sick because choice might not be as easy to make.