Non-toxic "Goo Gone"

Who had the not-so-clever idea of putting stickers right on the glass part of a picture frame? I mean seriously! The sticker gets stuck, without fail.

Here's where some handy-dandy essential oil comes to the rescue! No need for any chemical products that you try not to breathe in as you work. Any citrus oil will do the job...I like lemon best because it's very inexpensive. 

Here's my frame (and cute kids!) while I was trying, without any luck, to get the price tag off.

Lemon oil to the rescue!

Drop a few drops onto the sticker so it is saturated and let sit for a minute or two.

Begin peeling away and try to pick your jaw off the floor in amazement.

See how clean it came sticker residue at all! And the best feelings of frustration for having to peel a bunch of tiny little pieces off of the glass. Finish by wiping the glass clean with my favorite all purpose cleaner.

Cool, right? I love my essential handy!