Depression and Motherhood: My Story

She is my bright spot.
How is it already May? I think the older I get, the more quickly the days pass by. My little Olive turned SIX months old yesterday. SIX!! She is the happiest, most content baby I've had. She is perfect and just what I needed. To say I love her to death would be an understatement...I'm crazy about her! My other kiddos are in such wonderful places as well and I am loving the sweet things each of their ages bring. Max recently turned four and is full of questions. His speech gets better each day and he is becoming such an inquisitive little boy. Maude is two and is full of drama, emotion, tenderness, and nurturing. She constantly comes up and hugs my leg, saying "love you mama." I am really so lucky to have these kiddos.

But some days are down right hard. Dealing with depression and motherhood is not an easy mixture. My friend, Rachel, is heading up a project called MINDFRAME which seeks to fight depression through support and awareness. I was honored to answer some questions for her about my own personal struggle with depression. I hope that it will be helpful to someone out there, that they can know they aren't alone, and that it can get better.

Read my thoughts by clicking below.

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Here are some other things I've been thinking about...

Visit this blog to find an amazingly strong woman who has dealt with more than we can even imagine but yet continues to be optimistic and hopeful...I am PROUD to be her friend!

My friend recently found out she's pregnant with twins! I sent her to this blog which I adore. Becky's blog is lovely...always bright and uplifting yet totally real and down to earth (and how fun that both our husband's names are Travis AND they were college roommates!).

I'm currently reading this book...SO good, SO deep, and SO much to think about. I'm loving it.

In love with this song.


Happy Weekend everyone <3