No Sugar Challenge

Lately I have been really craving sweets. Perhaps it is the stress of moving and settling into a new life...I don't know. Hard kids? Probably. If I were a drinker, I'd probably be an alcoholic! Sweets really help me to calm my mood and they just make me happy. I always try to stick to natural sweeteners but have been buying different gluten free treats from the store that are not that healthy for me, even if they are perhaps a little better than the wheat counter part. The other night, a dear friend and I decided to do a no sugar challenge. I knew I could do it because I've done it before...and I have been wanting to do it for awhile (thanks for kicking me into gear Shari!). My last five pounds of baby weight have been pretty stubborn, I've been feeling bloated, and overall just too addicted to the sugar. So, here are our rules:

1. No eating after 8 pm (this is a big one for me, it is when I eat my sweet treats)
2. No sugar (natural or processed) and no fruit for days 1-3
3. After day 3, only very minimal amounts of natural sugar (honey, maple syrup, and stevia) allowed and 1 serving of fruit per day

The reason I decided I needed to cut all fruit out for a time is because I am sooo addicted to sugar, that I knew I'd just eat a lot of fruit it it was allowed. So I thought three days without would be a good chance for me to reset, then have only a small amount per day after that. Today I am on Day 3 and I am hanging in there! Yesterday was rough. In the evening, around dinner time I became very nauseated and weak, even shaking. Withdrawals...can you believe it!? After laying down for a bit and eating a good dinner, I felt better. Today I feel good but I am craving sweets at the times when I normally eat them - especially after lunch and at night. That tells me my sugar addiction is also a habit. I've finished my lunch so now it's time for some sugar, right? It's just a habit. I've kept myself distracted by listening to beautiful music and playing with my kids. So far I've lost a pound, so yay, right? We are going to stay on the no sugar challenge for two weeks but I may continue it a bit longer. It feels good to challenge myself. Our mantra is "If we can have babies naturally, we can give up sugar." I've done hard things and I can do this! I've had to give myself a lot of pep talks these past three days "YOU can do this, YOU can do this...come on!!" LOL. It feels good. So right now I am sugar free, mostly dairy free (except butter and occasionallly a bit of cheese), and gluten free. Three years ago I would have said no way! Today I say - piece of cake. No pun intended ;) It just goes to show that things that seem hard at first become easier. As I have changed my lifestyle, making the decisions I do about food have become easy and brainless. I am feeling good consistently and that makes me happy! The one thing I really want to work on however is fatigue. I am always so tired (it probably doesn't help that I get woken up each night a minimum of three times...last night it was probably 50 times, NO JOKE!). Any tips?

Have you ever gone off of sugar?