Happy Thanksgiving

A day late, but better than never...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am going to preface this by saying - for a minute, I will sound ungrateful...which doesn't mesh with this holiday...but bear with me.

I wanted to write about why I haven't been blogging lately. It's not really one reason in particular, perhaps being busy with my three rambunctious kids or simply being lazy. I am feeling generally uninspired when it comes to food! I think I mentioned that Olive is severely allergic to eggs...that has really thrown me into a funk. She's also sensitive to dairy. We've been eating more dairy since moving because we now have a good, convenient source for raw milk. It's been delicious (especially hot chocolate...wow!). But it hasn't agreed with us too well - for example, Maude gets a big patch of eczema on her leg and on her cheeks when she's been eating dairy. Her nose also gets stuffy. I was saddened by that because raw milk is supposed to be easier to digest, but for us, it's still not working. So like I mentioned, it's kind of thrown me into a funk and taken the joy out of food a bit. We are gluten, dairy, egg, and cashew free now (and mostly soy and refined sugar free as well, by choice). I just feel tired. Sick of the allergies. I generally have a positive outlook on it but it's been weighing me down lately. 

I know we've seen improvements from all of my hard work in the kitchen (for example, Max can now tolerate corn and he is speaking realllly well!) but it is still just kind of hard day in and day out never knowing what to cook or eat - and not being able to afford it. Recently Max had a Thanksgiving feast at school where each child was supposed to bring a food in to share with the class. Since the school rule is that you can only bring in something store bought (don't get me started on that rule...it is ridiculous! very little bought from the store is healthy!), I had to figure out what to send. I could have sent carrots but I wanted to do something he'd be excited about. I decided to bite the bullet and buy some gluten free pretzels (which we never buy). The bag was $7. It was hard to send them knowing that most of the kids wouldn't even touch them and they'd be thrown into the garbage. And. That's exactly what happened. But seeing my little boy's face light up as he ate them and saw the same pretzel on everyone else's plate was priceless. Worth $7. (But still slightly annoying). It is hard to be so tight on money and never have anything extra to spend on fun things because all of our "extra" money goes into our food budget. I know it won't always be this way but it's been feeling a bit heavy for me. I am eager to find some joy again in cooking. I've been thinking of going back on the GAPS diet again or the Paleo diet but honestly right now I just feel too overwhelmed by that thought so we are going to keep trucking along.

I really am grateful, no matter how hard this is - dealing with multiple food allergies - that we have been so healthy. Max hasn't had a seizure for 2 1/2 years. That alone is enough of a blessing to me. He is speaking better. His behavior is better. He's engaging with others and acting developmentally appropriate for his age. I feel better (not 100%). My digestive issues are greatly improved. We hardly ever get sick and if we do, it's a minor cold that lasts a couple of days. Max has had classmates out of school a lot this year with the flu or other illnesses and I'm happy to say he hasn't had anything to keep him out of school this year. Eating healthy is paying off. I know I can't always see it, but I know it's paying off. We don't have to visit the doctor and spend money on prescriptions. I am so grateful for our health. That is what keeps me going on this tough journey.

I am grateful for my family - for my kids who put up with a tired mom who doesn't know what to cook and who eat the same thing every day repeatedly! I am grateful for my husband who never complains about the way we have to eat (even though he can eat anything and not be bothered) or how expensive it can be. I am extremely grateful for the Internet because without it, I'd be lost. It's my source for recipes and inspiration when it comes to...well...most everything. Of course, I'm grateful for my Savior. Without Him, I'd be pretty lost.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Can you believe it's almost Christmas?