My little Olive turned ONE yesterday! Time sure does fly!

We discovered about a month ago that little Olive is pretty severely allergic to eggs (UGH!) and we've known for awhile that she's sensitive to dairy. Since we already eat gluten free, I needed to find her a very special birthday cake. I used this recipe and thought it was yummy! It was light and moist. I reduced the sugar (used coconut sugar), used flax seed in place of xanthan gum, and quinoa flour instead of sorghum. Even with the substitutions it was yummy and a success. In the end the cake was gluten, dairy, egg, and refined sugar free. Not bad huh? LOL. For the guests, I used a different cake recipe (still gluten free) but it totally flopped. Oh well right? It seriously stressed me out but whatever. It's not all about the cake anyways. It's about the sweet birthday girl!

We love this little girl so much! She's as sweet as ever with such a calm little personality...just as calm as the day she was born. We are so happy she's ours.

You can see her birth story herehere.

It's incredible that her arrival seemed to take SO long and we are...and she's a year. Wishing I could just freeze time for a little while longer.