Geeze I have sort of fallen off of the blogging band-wagon! I plan to post more in 2013 now that I am feeling better than I did previously.

In personal news - we had a buuuusy last few months. We bought our first house! Yay! My baby turned ONE! My second baby turned THREE! And I turned twenty seven! Throw holidays into that and a big move and household fix-ups and I haven't really had time to do much other than the basics. Now that we're feeling settled, I want to blog more often.

Here's my cute laundry room and pantry :)

Here are some things I plan on writing about in the next little while:

Healthy fats
Neuromodulation Technique for allergies/fatigue/depression
Staying balanced

Is there anything you'd like to learn?

There's so much out there on the blogosphere that sometimes it feels hard to compete - like what could I really contribute? So, while I've never aimed to be a "blogger" my goal this year is to continue to be authentic. And if that means posting every day, fine. If it means posting once a month, that's fine too! I love this blogging community and hope you'll continue to read along throughout my journey.

Thanks for reading <3