Allergic Reactions and A New Path

If you've been following my blog at all, you may know that my main motivation for everything I do when it comes to nutrition and natural living is because of what we are experiencing with our 4, almost 5, year old son. Recently he's been having a lot of allergic reactions again which has been perplexing and really stressful. I am posting something from my personal family blog about what's been going on and a new path we've found that will *hopefully* help a lot!

Max has been having some pretty significant allergic reactions lately. These two have been in the past couple of weeks. One reaction was to almonds/pecans and the other was to peanut butter (SAD, if you know just how much we love peanut butter at our house). He had another reaction on Friday night that lasted all the way into Saturday evening. He was super itchy, huge hives all over his neck, bright red ear, bright red feet, itchy arms...everything natural that I usually do (lavender essential oil, herbs to calm the immune system) just were not cutting it. I started getting nervous so Travis ran out and bought some benedryl. Even with that, it still took several hours for his inflammation to die down. He now has big patches of eczema on his chest and arms. It's crazy - he's never had that before.

Anyways, I made an appointment for him with a nutritionist at a naturopathic office in Provo a few months ago. Our bishop's wife in Arizona recommended this lady, Julie, to me. She said she's amazing and really helped her with her allergies to foods. I've wanted to take him for a long time but the first visit is $120 so it kept me from taking him. I totally forgot about this appointment and when I remembered it, I seriously almost cancelled it, thinking "We don't need to spend that much money...we can figure it out on our own." Just a day later or so, he had that horrible reaction - one of the worst he's had - and I just knew we had to bite the bullet and take him in. I took him in yesterday and it was such a great appointment.

(To preface - not in order to defend our path - but I know many people have questions and I wanted to express my feelings - we have been the traditional medical route with him and have found NO answers. He's been allergy tested by the best pediatric allergist in Phoenix. The answer is - he has allergies. Avoid those foods and take zyrtec for the symptoms. That doesn't address any of his other issues - bed wetting, mood swings, speech, seizure history, etc. Basically, it doesn't do anything to "cure" him! It doesn't satisfy me when I believe the whole body is connected. That is what has led me down the "alternative" route. We've found a lot of answers this way and I am so glad we ventured into the natural realm because he would be a different child had we done nothing or masked his symptoms with medication.)

So Julie does biomeridian testing (you can read her bio here). Basically she scans the body using a computer and it helps pinpoint what's going on. She found that Max is dealing with parasites and raging yeast (candida). That is why his gut is not healing and even seems to be getting more "leaky." It cannot heal when those are present. That is why doing the GAPS diet for 9 months didn't heal him as much as I would have liked (it did help a lot with behavior but not with the food allergies). That is why NAET was only mildly effective. She tested him for some different supplements to see if his body wanted them and then how much and how often. She also formulated some homeopathic drops specific to what his body needs. The supplements will help heal the gut and get rid of the parasites and the yeast. After he's been on the supplements for a time, we will start to reintroduce some of the problematic foods to see how he handles them. He's also going to be taking some digestive enzymes (two enzymes his body specifically needs) to help him digest food. For example, she tested chicken and found that he is not digesting that protein at all. So when he eats the food, he is not absorbing the nutrition. That could be part of the reason he's pretty much skin and bones. So supplying his body with the enzymes needed for digesting will allow him to eat those foods without having to keep taking so many foods away from his diet. His body makes no lactose so it's a good thing I took him off of dairy. One of the enzymes we're giving him is lactase to help with that. 

I started giving him the supplements yesterday at about 4 pm. I gave him some again at dinnertime and then again this morning at breakfast. Already by last night he was a happier child. We deal with a LOT of moodiness. He can be the happiest boy but then he'll swing and be so low - hitting me, screaming at me, having tantrums that nothing can stop. It's really  hard on me because it makes me feel like a bad mom or like I'm doing something wrong. Logically I know I'm not, but it's harder to tell my heart that when my little boy won't laugh or cuddle with me or when he hits me and takes his anger out on me several times a day. Julie told me that those behaviors are from the parasites - it's not him, it's not me, it's the parasites. Anyways, we were laughing with each other before bed. Just me and him, laying on his bed, and it felt so good. I felt SO much joy with him. I haven't felt that in a long time. This morning he was amazing.  He didn't fight me at all taking his supplements. He made Maude's bed for her. When he needed to earn a few more counting bears in order to play Mario Cart, he happily figured out three more things to do to get to 15 counting bears (he had 12 and needs 15 to play Wii or Ipad). Just yesterday he had an hour long tantrum because of that same situation. He willingly got dressed and brushed his teeth. When he was wearing shorts and I asked him to change, instead of it throwing him into a tantrum, he willingly changed into pants. It was seriously like I had a different child this morning. He was more focused and happier. I don't know if it was a coincidence but it certainly seems like there's a correlation. I am excited about this new path and hope that it will be another piece of the puzzle that will help Max be the best person he can be. I was fretting a bit over spending so much money but when it comes down to it, I would spend a million dollars to  make his life better. I will sacrifice whatever we need to in order to help him. Sure it'd be nice if these kinds of alternative treatments were recognized by insurance companies but they're not. And with a high deductible plan that we have, even visiting a regular doctor would cost us an arm and a leg. It is just part of life, I guess. I am just grateful that we have enough money to be able to take him and do these treatments. I am so, so, so, soooo grateful. 

Here's to healing? Once more?

Do you have any experience with biomeridian testing?