Biomeridian testing and treatment update

After our visit with the nutritionist and naturopath, I began giving my son the prescribed treatments - homeopathic drops for parasites and candida, enzymes for digestion, and various other supplements for healing the gut. As I wrote before, I saw an almost immediate improvement in my son's demeanor. He was happier, less likely to meltdown, and just generally in a better state of mind. 

On Sunday, things changed. As most of us know, as the body heals, toxins are released which can cause detoxification symptoms, sometimes referred to as a healing crisis. Well, we entered that healing crisis on Sunday and here we are on Thursday still in the thick of things. We've had more meltdowns but the biggest issue has been a terrible skin rash! It started to appear Monday evening but I didn't think much of it. Tuesday, the hives were worse and I had myself questioning whether or not it was something my son ate. Finally by Wednesday the hives were so bad - and so different than normal (usually they are on his torso and they were on his entire body - neck, head, eyes, feet, legs, you name it). 

Soaking in a detox bath with clay

I decided to take him into the office again because I was really starting to worry. Julie tested him and found that he is detoxing pretty hard. It is all of the yeast coming out! It's a good thing but hard at the same time! If I had any question about whether or not homeopathy works, I don't have any now. There is such a distinct change in my son - from the lighter mood to this terrible detox. I know it's working which gives me so much hope! I had been giving him baths with clay to help him detox but last night he slept terribly. He had night terrors all night (this is not a normal occurrence, thus the detox happening) and was so itchy. I've been using lavender and melaleuca essential oil mixed with olive oil to help with the itching and he's gotten to the point where he says "Mom, please put oils on me." He has been pretty itchy. This morning I decided to take him into the office for a detox footbath. It's a specialized bath that speeds up the detoxification. At the beginning the water was clear and at the end it was a disgusting murky brown! It was crazy to see all that junk coming out! He still has some hives but overall they seem to have lessened a bit. I will probably take him in for another footbath tomorrow if things don't calm down.

His rash last night

Soaking in the footbath this morning

About the footbath

The best part of all of this - last night, as he went to sleep with me rubbing his itchy head, I whispered "I love you." Quietly, he whispered, "I love you" back to me. I don't know the last time he's said that. Makes it all worth it. I sure love this little guy.

Here's to hoping we are almost through this healing crisis.