The Blood Sugar Solution

Dr. Mark Hyman
Last night I stayed up way later than I should have watching a special on PBS but I just couldn't turn it off! There are so few times when I hear nutritional information on TV or mainstream media and think "Wow, they are right on!" Well, last night that is exactly what I thought..."Wow, this is RIGHT on!" It was a lecture by Dr. Mark Hyman, the author of "The Blood Sugar Solution."

I wanted to write a brief summary of what he talked about because it was all right on target. As I watched it I couldn't help but want to share it with EVERYONE! I love that it is coming from a medical doctor because there is inherently trust and respect with that title. Visit Dr. Hyman's website and order his book...I know I'm going to!

Things that have changed our genes and made us susceptible to what Dr. Hyman calls "Diabesity"

1. Pharmacological doses of sugar - especially high fructose corn syrup.
*High fructose corn syrup actually punctures your intestines making it become leaky which allows all sorts of toxins into your blood stream creating inflammation (ie, leaky gut)
2. Dramatic drop in fiber intake
3. Epidemic of nutritional deficiencies

Things we can do to overcome "Diabesity"
Dr. Hyman said that diabesity can be overcome by simply food - it is the most powerful tool. He says "Eat your medicine. Dinner (a meal of good quality whole foods) is like a date with your doctor." Food is information for your body - give it good information and forgo the junk!

1. Boost your nutrition
2. Balance hormones
3. Reduce Inflammation

Dr. Hyman's 10 Rules for a Healthy Life

1. Only eat foods without labels
2. If the food must have a label, make sure it has fewer than five ingredients and does not make health claims (if it is boasting that it's all natural, usually it's not)
3. Stay away from white sugar and white flour (which turns to sugar in the body)
4. Absolutely no high fructose corn syrup
5. No hydrogenated, highly refined oils - stick to coconut oil and olive oil
6. Do not buy foods with unrecognizable ingredients. If you can't pronounce it, don't buy it!
7. Do not buy foods with preservatives, dyes, etc.
8. Stay away from artificial sweeteners (splenda, aspartame, sucralose) at ALL cost!
9. If it came from the earth it's safe to eat. If it's grown on a plant, not made in a plant, it's safe to eat (quoting Michael Pollan)

Other notes from the show:

  • One of the biggest culprits with "Diabesity" is hidden food sensitivities because of a leaky gut!!!! Gluten and dairy are the biggest culprits. They can cause weight gain, diabetes, and a whole slew of other issues. 99% of those with sensitivies are UNAWARE that they have a food sensitivity.
  • It is NOT about "Calories In - Calories Out" - our food is so devoid of nutrition and full of empty calories. 
  • We eat such empty food that we want to keep eating more and more because our bodies are innately seeking to fill that nutritional void - what ends up happening is we just gain weight and develop all kinds of diseases because our food is not nourishing us! We are actually quite malnourished, even though most of us are obese.
  • He said it's easy to know if you struggle with "Diabesity" - look in the mirror, lift up your shirt and jump up and down. If your tummy jiggles, you've probably got "Diabesity." 
  • Go to the doctor and get tested - the most important marker to look for is not blood sugar (that is the last thing to go up) - it is your Insulin. Also check your cholesterol. He outlines specific tests in his book.
  • Load up on carbs when eating - slow carbs - which are veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains.
  • Half of your plate should be carbs like veggies - especially greens. One fourth of your plate should be quality protein like organic chicken. One fourth of your plate should be slow carbs like brown rice, quinoa, or sweet potatoes.
  • Eat protein with every meal or snack.
  • Use good fats! Olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, avocados.
  • Timing is important - eat early and eat often. Don't eat before bed!
  • Using supplements for a metabolic tune up is very important - improper nutrition absorption interferes with metabolism.
  • Get moving and get relaxed (exercise and practice techniques to reduce stress).
  • Get clean and go green (avoid toxins in the environment - if you find yourself at a plateau and cannot lose weight no matter what - you are probably toxic and need to detox).
  • Detox - drink water, empty bowels every day, sweat a lot, practice deep breathing.
  • Eat clean food - organic if at all possible.
  • Get personal - every body is different - find YOUR balance.
  • We have to do this as a community and a society! Create a movement to take back our health with daily steps. Put it into action!

Overall I was super impressed with all of the information he gave! It is right on target and once again, I LOVE that it's coming from a doctor because it will reach many more people that way. He gave some awesome advice and I can see areas where we need to improve too! Want to know what we're going to fix? I am going to get rid of my sugar addiction (yes I am addicted to even just natural sugars like honey!), not eat before bed, exercise more, eat protein with every meal, and serve more vegetables. I am excited to make these changes and fine tune our life even more because I know it is worth it.

What stood out to you from this list?