Anti-candida Journal: Days 1-3

Soup made with homemade beef broth, beans, quinoa, italian spices, yellow squash, garlic, and salt. I made anti-candida legal bread (adapted from My New Roots) and broiled it with olive oil, garlic, salt, and italian spices to make garlic bread. So yummy!

It is reassuring for me to type out our progress and share it, so I hope you'll bear with me as I write about what's happening on the diet so far. First - to be clear - I hate the word diet. This is not a diet to lose weight or anything like that. It is a diet to heal our insides and primarily to help my son's numerous food/environmental allergies and behavioral issues. It is also to help me with my lifelong fatigue, brain fog, low thyroid, depression, anxiety, etc. So. Anyways, so far it is going well! The biggest negative thing I've noticed is that we are all really hungry! We get full at meal time and then are hungry soon after. I know this will level out because it was similar on the GAPS diet.

Me: I have surprisingly had very few sugar cravings. I am actually kind of craving sugar right now and craved it last night but so far it hasn't been overwhelming. My energy has been pretty good, my mood consistent, and I have been eliminating daily (if you know what I mean). No stomach pain at all associated with it! I got really tired today while driving which usually happens. My memory is still horrible. I have had to look at my meal plan at almost every meal because I cannot for the life of me remember what is coming up even though I've looked at it a billion times...BRAIN FOG! It is insane. I can't focus very well and am really forgetful. Overall I have been happy that I am feeling so good. I got my thyroid labs back from the doctor and my T3 labs came back pretty low, but just high enough not to treat. I don't remember the exact values but the doctor treats it when it's at like 7.85 or below and mine was just over 8. 

Max: I am amazed at his mood. He has been so happy! More flexible in transitioning to different activities (ie, transitions are not invoking extreme meltdowns). His mood just seems more consistent, rather than swinging from one extreme to the other. Has not had a BM since Monday so I need to figure out how to make that happen tomorrow...since that is such an important way to get all the yuckiness out. Has taken his medicine without a fight as well as probiotics. Has been eating amazingly well and is not being picky. He even ate leftover soup tonight without complaining, which he would normally complain a lot about. Overall I have been impressed because his mood is so good. I really, really expected it to be horrible so it's a pleasant surprise. Overall, I have noticed a slight improvement in his hives. I haven't noticed any on his torso/stomach at all but have seen a few on his face. They don't seem to be as big or last as long.

Maude: She's doing great too. The first day she was a little whiny but I think it was because she was tired. The second morning she actually threw up a tiny bit and I am pretty sure it was hypoglycemia because Max did the same thing when we began the GAPS diet. After she ate, she felt much better and has been fine since. She has been having daily bowel movements and taking her medicine/probiotics very well. She's also been a wonderful eater, for the most part. Dinner is her worst meal and she is often picky or scared if it looks different than normal. She does really well at breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I don't worry if she doesn't eat a good dinner because I know she will eat if she's hungry. If she doesn't like it, that's fine but she doesn't get other food instead. Overall she is doing well. Her tummy might even look a tad less distended/bloated.

Olive: She is doing great as well. On day 2 of the diet, which was mostly likely a total coincidence, she began to walk independently for the first time!! She is 17 1/2 months old, so that was a really big deal! She was in the family room while I was making dinner and I walked in to see her walking ever so slowly with her hands out steadying her. I was so impressed that she was doing this completely on her own! She didn't try walking at all today but hopefully she will keep it up! Her speech tends to be a bit delayed so I really hope this diet helps with that. She's been having a couple of good bowel movements a day, eating very well, and sleeping great. She is always so happy and calm!