Moving to an Anti-Candida Diet

At the doctor being silly
As you know about two months ago, we moved in a new direction with treating my son's allergies. We basically began a homeopathic regimen to help attack candida and parasites in his body, as well as some supplements to help heal his gut. At first, he had really intense detoxification which told me things were happening. But over the last bit, he has just had hives non-stop. After playing on the grass, he'll be covered in hives. If he eats anything, he's covered in hives. I was feeling pretty bummed. We ran out of supplements and I just wasn't sure if I wanted to continue doing them and spending the money if I wasn't sure it was working. I had a good recommendation for a medical doctor in the area who mostly uses alternative solutions. After looking at his website, I felt very excited and decided we'd go see him. The very good thing is he's covered on our insurance! So I only needed to pay a co-pay for the first visit. 

I was very impressed with this doctor, which is saying a lot because I haven't found many doctors in the past that I've felt good around. He was very thorough and I felt like he listened to my concerns. He spent more than an hour with us, thoroughly going over Max's extensive medical history and asking questions to find correlations between things. He also did a complete physical examination, including pressing on his abdomen, which no previous doctors have done (strange, right?). I like his simplistic approach of treating one thing at a time, rather than throwing a bunch of things at it and spending lots of money. We decided to tackle first the issue of yeast overgrowth in his body, which he shows many signs of. Unfortunately, there are not many good ways to be sure of yeast overgrowth so it's mostly diagnosed through history and symptoms. We have decided to do a round of the prescription antifungal Diflucan along with a strict anti-candida diet and strong probiotics. I was hesitant to do prescription antifungals since they can be hard on the liver and have side effects, but since we have already tried many different natural antifungals, I feel comfortable now with trying one round of the prescription, then moving to natural antifungals to help keep it under control.

After the appointment, a biomeridian test was done for foods that he is sensitive/allergic/reacting to. These foods need to be avoided for two weeks even if they're allowed on the yeast control diet. Then, they can be introduced one at a time every three days to check for reactions. This will probably be the hardest part, but I know we can do it. We did GAPS for 9 months and were off of all fruit/honey for two months, so I know we can do it. Here is his current list of foods to avoid, specific for his body:

I decided if we are going to go another strict diet (not like we aren't already strict), then we are, as usual, going to do it together. I know I struggle with yeast issues and my stomach has been really acting up lately. It has been very frustrating because I don't always know what triggers an "attack" but when I have one (a few times a week at this point), it is very painful and I am in the bathroom very often. I also have fatigue, terrible adult acne, and intense sugar cravings even though I eat very healthy. I made an appointment for myself and my two girls to have the doctor evaluate our health, see if we need the diet, and if we need antifungals as well. Our appointments are tomorrow and Thursday and I am eager to see what we figure out, especially for me. My youngest has a severe reaction to eggs, doesn't tolerate dairy and has a history of constipation, and my middle child has various sensitivities, eczema, and a history of constipation. I am sure we will all benefit from this. Right now I am thinking I will do natural antifungals with the girls because their cases aren't as bad, but we will see. I am just excited to get us better. I've known for a long time that we had yeast issues, and I have treated it but I have never gone at it with full force all at one time - with antifungals, diet change, and probiotics. I am hopeful that this will help. I don't know if this is the fix-all for Max's allergies and hives, but I know it is an important piece of the puzzle. After a month we will reevaluate with the doctor and see where else (if any) we need to go.

I feel like at this point we have tried so many things - the GAPS diet, NAET treatments, supplements, homeopathics...I know they have all helped improve him and I am hoping that this will be another important piece to Max's puzzle. Actually, to our whole family's health "puzzle" as well! 

I'm excited. Three years ago I would have been shaking in my boots but with all the changes we've already made, this is just another step. I know we can do it.

(It is crazy that we've been doing this food allergy thing for three years now! Wow. Time flies when you're having