Anti Candida Journal

Clearly I've been horrible at keeping track of our progress in journal form. The past two weeks have been really, really hard. I haven't been feeling well at all. I was pretty sure it was just detoxification or die off, but then my family also came down with symptoms similar to mine, so I'm pretty sure it was just a cold. In any case, it has really hit me hard and made me really tired. My main symptoms have been exacerbated fatigue, ear pain, seasonal allergies like sneezing/stuffy nose/sinus headache, mild sore throat, and muscle aches. Like I said, it's been lingering for almost two weeks now and I'm getting pretty tired of feeling sick. Thankfully it didn't hit anyone else as hard.

We have just been pressing forward with the diet and things have gone quite well. It seems like Max's hives have lessened although he still gets a few daily. They are not quite as bad but definitely still there. I started the kids on a new probiotic called Body Biotics. I'm just taking a regular multistrain probiotic as well as a saccharomyces boulardii which is good for targeting yeast. Along with the Diflucan, we have also started using 500 mg of Biotin because I've read it's good for killing yeast. 

The kids have enjoyed their one to two servings of fruit per day and I've noticed that they aren't clamoring for it like they usually would (a good sign that the yeast is being killed off...they are not craving the fruit sugar). My cravings are doing better and I even had a small bit of watermelon today for Mother's Day, even though I am technically not at my one month mark yet (almost there though!). 

New foods we've tried: We added in carrots, peppers, and onions and I haven't noticed any reactions with Max. I tried broccoli and cauliflower but it was hard for me to tell if I had any reactions because I have already been feeling so yucky. We also tried eggs. The first time, Max had hives immediately. The second time, he had no hives. And today, he had no hives again. I'm not sure what that means but I think I will allow eggs in rotation for him. I haven't tried giving Olive eggs yet but I have eaten some so we will see if she has any reactions through my breastmilk. Max also had two strawberries today and I didn't notice anything adverse with him when he ate those. 

Since our time on Diflucan is coming to an end (only three pills left for each of us), I have been thinking a lot about how things have gone. Overall, for me, I would say I have greatly improved. I have not had a SINGLE episode of stomach pain/abdominal cramping/diarrhea since starting the diet. That is huge because I have been having severely painful episodes at least 4-5x weekly since Christmas. I have not had the bloating or the gas either. My bowel movements are consistent, daily, and there is no more mucous in them as there was beforehand. Max is doing better - his hives seem to be lessening, like I said, and he's a bit more talkative. He has even started to ask me lots of "why" questions which is completely new! I love it. He has been sleeping well. His bowels are good but he is not eliminating every single day, so we have some more healing to do. Maude got a lot of eczema on her arms all of the sudden which has never been there that badly so I am thinking it was due to die off. It is healing. Her tummy seems to be slightly less bloated and she's been having pretty consistent daily bowel movements. She is sleeping better at night and has stayed in her bed all night many times this month instead of coming and sleeping in our bed (although she is still sleeping in our bed probably half the time). Olive is doing well, as far as I can tell. She's sleeping well and eliminating well. She has added a couple of new words to her vocabulary but is still refusing to walk. She has at least attempted walking this month, however, and will take 2-3 steps before crawling if and when she decides to try.

We have appointments with the doctor on Tuesday and I am really looking forward to it. My fatigue has not improved nearly in the way I would have hoped so I'm really hoping he can help me address that at this appointment. Overall, I am glad we did this and am looking forward to where we will go from here.

Since the gut takes a long time to heal and candida is hard to eradicate, after we finish the Diflucan we will move to a rotation of natural antifungals while keeping up with daily probiotics. We will keep our diet very low in sugar as well, like it is now, but I may add in honey occasionally to see how we do. Herbal tea just tastes soooo much better with honey instead of stevia :)