Allergy Update

Over the past few months, I have really eased up on how we've been eating. Mostly to make it easier on myself. But I have noticed that we've been having more issues with Max because of it. Our diet has been higher in sugar and while we have remained gluten free and food dye free (and egg free for Olive), I've allowed corn and raw/organic dairy back in as well as stuff you'd find in packaged gluten free goods. Max's allergy rings (dark circles under the eyes) have been pretty prominent, he hasn't been eliminating daily, hasn't been sleeping well, still gets hives, and we've had some pretty serious behavioral issues going on (extreme difficulty listening, aggression/hitting others, name calling, inability to focus, high anxiety, mood swings). I started really feeling like I needed to tighten up his diet again. I am pretty good at listening to my intuition, and my intuition was telling me exactly what I needed to do. I just needed to DO it.

I took him in for another biomeridian scan at the doctor's office, which is an energetic look at which foods are causing the body stress. Sadly, his scan was almost identical to last time. If I'm focusing on the positive, three foods improved! Last time, he reacted to fish, pineapple, and carrots. This time, he didn't! Hooray! But obviously we've still got a lot of healing to do. And I knew that. My intuition was telling me corn was a big problem and a friend who does energy healing tested him to see - he reacted at a 7 for corn with 10 being the highest (worst). We've got a doctor appointment on Monday and will probably do another round of Diflucan to control yeast if the doctor feels like it's warranted (since we are already avoiding all the allergens anyway). I have also been looking into an Organic Acids Test. It's supposed to be really great for children with Autism. It gives you a nice picture of what's going on in the body. I plan to talk to the doctor about it and do it as soon as we can afford it. I think it will give me some good guidance on where to head as far as supplements go. I am also planning to have some energy work done with Max, which is an area where my intuition has been telling me to head for quite awhile now. When we begin that, I will write more about it.

Our current list of foods to avoid is as follows: Cheese, egg, cow's milk (butter is ok), banana, cantaloupe, all citrus, all berries, tomato, all gluten grains, corn, all nuts including coconut, all sugar except honey and maple syrup, bell pepper, mushroom, onion, white potato, soy, caffeine, artificial sweeteners (we don't eat those anyway), and chocolate (cocoa powder is ok).

At first I felt really overwhelmed and defeated. We have done SO much over these past few years!! But after I spent some time to let things sink in again, my energy was restored and my passion is back. I am ready to do this. Bring it on. Complaining and feeling annoyed doesn't do anything but make things harder. So I am totally excited! We can do this. There are SO many things we CAN eat! (Oh and for the record, I cook allergy free for our whole family rather than make things just for Max...mostly because it's easier on myself to do it that way, and it makes it so that he doesn't feel different...he already has to feel left out anywhere food is involved...I want him to feel safe at home and not have to be the different one all the time...also, the rest of us have our own gut issues and intolerances to deal with, so I figure this way of eating is good for all of us). I am hopeful, looking forward to a visit with the doctor, and excited to see what the future holds. Like I said, bring it on.