Seeing Improvements

We have had a pretty awesome week at our house!

I pulled the allergenic foods from Max's diet around the 7th-8th of January and this whole last week, we really started to notice a difference in him behaviorally! I also started using essential oils on him twice daily that I'm really feeling are helping. It is amazing how sensitive his body is to foods. I hope we can see some healing so that we can add in those foods he's been reacting to, but I am grateful that I can see such a huge difference in him just from removing the allergens. I am also really impressed with the results we've gotten from using essential oils consistently.

I bought a new oil from doTerra (and was lucky enough to use some saved up points I had, so it actually didn't cost me anything out of pocket!) and have been really impressed. It's called DDR Prime and it's supposed to be good for neurological things, cellular repair, and I have seen some testimonials about good results with children with impaired social interactions/SPD/speech delays. It is a pricey oil, so I put about 25 drops in a roller bottle and filled the rest up with carrier oil in order to dilute it. I've been putting it on all of my children's feet and spines at bedtime, then I also put it on Max's spine and feet in the morning. I've also been using other oils daily on him - OnGuard for boosting the immune system, Cypress on the bladder area for bedwetting (no improvement there yet), Balance/Serenity for anxious feelings and general calming (definitely an improvement in this area), and InTune for focus/calming.

So here's where the real evidence for me comes in. Friday, Max wanted to be near me all day. Usually, when he is near me, he's pushing me, pulling on me, etc during a meltdown. But on Friday, he was joining me often on the couch, cuddling up to me and just sitting with me. I honestly thought he was getting sick or something because that never happens! He really doesn't like touch (unless it's tickling), especially emotional, cuddly touch. He even said "I love you" to me after I told him I loved him. That's big.

Then today, my husband is not feeling great, so he's been laying in bed resting. Max came up to me, whispering that he wanted help to write something. I helped him write a note which said, "Dad, I'm sorry you're sick. Love, Max." Guys! This is HUGE!! He is not a child that notices others, especially that others are having a hard time. For him to first, notice it, and then want to do something about it, is pretty dang big! Our hearts just swelled when we saw him do this. It was so incredibly awesome.

We have also noticed that he has been much less rigid and more flexible. Usually things have to be done in a certain way and when things don't go according to how he was expecting, it can trigger a lot of anxiety. For example, I made a list on my refrigerator showing what we're eating for breakfast and dinner every day. Since we're limited on food choices, the list is staying the same every week. This is good for me but also good for Max - predictability is really good for him. This morning, the chart said we'd be having waffles for breakfast but I really didn't feel like making waffles. I decided we'd have oatmeal, which Max always makes a fuss about. I knew it'd probably set him off because a) he wasn't anticipating it and b) he doesn't "like" oatmeal (but he really does), however, he was so flexible! He started to get a little worked up over it but when I talked him through the reason why I wasn't making waffles and then gave him some choices of toppings (maple syrup, hemp seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, etc) he got really excited. He happily ate his bowl of steel cut oats and then proudly declared to me that he wanted to have that EVERY day for breakfast, even on school days. That was a pretty big difference to see such flexibility in him during a moment that would have normally caused him a lot of anxiety and probably triggered a meltdown.

There are probably a bunch of other examples I'm forgetting - small things most people probably take for granted like good listening or treating people with kindness, or getting dressed and ready by himself without tons and TONS of prompting. It's so awesome to see such positive changes and I'm feeling really hopeful that we will continue to see improvements with him!

We will do the bloodwork this week for an organic acids test, then we'll start Diflucan again to help with yeast overgrowth and continue avoiding allergenic foods for awhile before we start reintroducing to check for reactions. He's been off any supplements so that we can get a good picture of what's going on in his body with the bloodwork. I'm REALLY eager to get that done and get a good look inside his body!