Another Piece to My Healing Puzzle

Last week, I shared my first VLOG, where I briefly described my healing journey with food. I love to take a holistic approach with pretty much anything I do, so obviously there is more to healing than just food.

Today, I want to write about ONE of the pieces to my healing puzzle. There are many pieces to everyone's individual puzzle. We are all so different - we have different genes, DNA, families of origin, life experiences, etc. So everyone's healing will not look the same. But I do believe ultimately all of us will be healing in similar ways.

EMOTIONAL HEALING has been a huge, HUGE part of my journey! I have done a lot of different types of emotional healing, from talk therapy with licensed Therapists, emotion and body code healing with Megan Buer, inner child work with The Institute of Healing Arts, the Soul Integrity Mentorship with Staci Sadler, and currently SoulPrint Healing for Affluence with Carol Tuttle. 

I have also read countless healing and self-help books - too many to list - someday I'll do some reviews of my favorites. Suffice it to say, you can never go wrong with anything by Brene Brown.

Each of these methods of healing has been so valuable to me.

I remember when I graduated college, I was SO ready to be done with school. I never wanted to learn again! HA! That didn't last very long, as I am a voracious learner at heart. I read, research, and learn all day long every day. I can't get enough. 

I have literally devoted the last 5 years to healing - some of that time was spent on nutrition and some of that time was spent on other areas such as emotions.

What I'm trying to get at is this - we each need healing. And there are so many aspects to healing. Don't forget your emotions. They play a huge role in your physical health!

I believe the health I'm experiencing now - finally! - is due to not only a fabulous diet change and treating my underlying causes, like parasites - but also because I have been hard at work healing my emotional body.

Someday I'd like to go into details about everything I've learned with emotions, and I will - I love this topic.

But for now, just remember - pay attention to your emotions. Use your intuition. Listen to that inner voice. Reduce your stress. Meditate. Clear your mind. All of these things will help you heal your physical body. It all goes hand in hand.

And now, a thought from Louise Hay...I love her work.

Till next time,

xoxo Kami