Can I have SIX minutes of your time?

I have been wanting to do a VLOG for a long time so I finally did one! It is super amateur, completely unedited, unplanned, spontaneous, but guys, that is how I roll! My house was quiet because everyone was asleep so I had to jump at the chance! 

I wanted to tell my story briefly to share with you why I am so passionate about food and health. There was SO much more I could have said, but that'll have to wait until later. The quality of our life has been greatly changed because of the food we eat. I feel the best I have in YEARS. That makes me happy! It is something I've been journeying towards for a LONG LONG time. 

If you're struggling with one of those "I feel like crap but the doctor says I'm fine" diseases - I am here for you. Been there, doing that. It sucks. But I have found things that really work and want to help share that knowledge with you. The first place to start is FOOD! It's the easiest, quickest way to address what's happening on the inside. 

If you have six minutes to spare, listen to my story!

If you want individualized help from me, I would love to assist you! Moving to a new diet is not easy, I have been there. I would love to help you move towards more vibrant health!

I am also in the process of writing my TWO WEEK CLEANSE YOUR LIFE HEALING PROGRAM which is an anti-inflammatory holistic elimination diet that is paleo and whole30-friendly, including a full two week meal plan (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), daily affirmations, meditation, movement suggestions, gentle detoxing, and personalized help and contact with me for the entire two weeks. I am SO excited about it and eager to share it with you. I hope to have it released by June 1st!

Till next time -

xoxo Kami