Sneak Peek Into My Pantry

Curious about what a REAL FOOD PANTRY looks like? Here's a peek into mine!

Cooking REAL FOOD takes dedication and time spent in the kitchen, but having a well-stocked pantry certainly helps ease the workload! I find that it is easier to EAT REAL FOOD when the pantry is full of healthy, clean, REAL ingredients.

My pantry might look slightly different, as it is free of many allergens, but even if you're not avoiding major allergens, your pantry will probably look similar. I like Michael Pollan's ingredient philosophy. He says you shouldn't eat things with more than 5 ingredients on the label or with ingredients you can't pronounce. I think that is a pretty solid rule when you're trying to eat a diet of REAL, whole foods. Now, is anyone perfect? No! Probably not. But in general, if you are reading labels and being aware of what you are buying, you should really try to buy food that you can pronounce the ingredients and that don't have a list that is a mile long!

In the lower part of my pantry, I have big buckets that are filled with bulk dry goods such as REAL SALT, GLUTEN FREE ROLLED OATS, ORGANIC RICE, BLACK BEANS, AND PINTO BEANS. Buying in bulk is a great way to save money. With the items we use more frequently, I also have smaller containers stored in the above shelves which are refilled as needed.


  • Blue container full of brown rice pastas and other various rice or gluten free grains
  • White container full of sweet potatoes and onions
  • Costco's Organic Rice milk
  • Canned coconut milk (I try to buy the Native Forest brand because it is BPA free, but you'll see I also have some Thai Kitchen)
  • Vita Coco Coconut Water (from Costco)
  • So Delicious boxed coconut milk (from Costco - I don't use this a lot, but it is used occasionally)
  • Homemade canned chicken stock (learn how to make your own healing stock in my 2 Week Cleanse Your Life Healing Program!)
  • Homemade canned concord grape juice
  • Organic canned tomatoes (most are from Costco - I have heard that Costco's tomatoes are BPA free)
  • Jarred organic pasta sauce (I try to buy sugar free pasta sauce when I can find it - the Cadia brand is a good price usually)
  • Jarred organic salsa
  • Canned refried beans (Trader Joe's)
  • Various canned beans (Costco & Trader Joe's - I like to have cans of beans on hand for those times when I forget to soak and cook dry beans)
  • Organic canned green beans (Costco)
  • Various nuts and seeds stored in jars
  • Extra nut butters (peanut butter, pecan butter, sunflower butter)
  • White basket filled with trail mixes
  • Shredded unsweetened coconut
  • Dates
  • White baskets filled with various gluten free flours
  • Vegan protein powders, not pictured (I like the Sunwarrior brand or VegaOne)
  • Various dry grains (buckwheat, quinoa, rolled oats, steel cut oats, amaranth, millet, rice, etc)
  • Bulk coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil
  • Vinegars
  • Extra spices
  • Sugars (Coconut sugar, xylitol - never used it but I have it on hand!, organic powered sugar for birthday cakes, honey, etc)
  • Extra jars
 I got these can organizers from Amazon to help organize the cans better and I am GIDDY! You can get them  HERE  if you're interested. I like the fact that they aren't plastic because they will hopefully last a long time!

I got these can organizers from Amazon to help organize the cans better and I am GIDDY! You can get them HERE if you're interested. I like the fact that they aren't plastic because they will hopefully last a long time!


Not pictured are some snacks for my kids. Since they eat gluten free as well (one of them is allergic and then others show an intolerance), our snacks may look a little different. I really don't like to keep a lot of snacks in my pantry because I find that we reach for those way too often instead of reaching for healthier items. For example, if I buy fruit snacks (which are a common kid snack) that is all my kids will want (and me too!) and they'll be gone before we know it. Even though I can now find fruit snacks made without corn syrup or food coloring (and thus, they are more tempting to put in my cart!), they are just pure sugar and aren't fueling my kiddos (or my) body. They are a fun treat every once in awhile, so I do occasionally buy them, but I usually quickly regret it because of how addicting they are! I prefer that my kids reach for fruits/veggies or nuts (or if I happen to be on top of things and have muffins made) when they're hungry, but of course, if other things are available, they'll choose something else. Below are some snacks that I do try to keep on hand and feel good about feeding my kids (of course other more sugary snacks occasionally make it into the pantry, but I am trying to do better and have healthier selections more often than not!):

I have written a lot of other posts on this subject, which I've listed below for your convenience! Eating REAL FOOD does take work and preparation, but I really believe the first step to being successful is having a well-stocked, healthy pantry. If you have healthy food in your house, that is what you will eat! If you have junk, that is what you will eat! I am a junk food lover and guess what? If I have junk in my house, I WILL EAT IT! Even though I know it's bad for me. I'm not special. I just simply don't let it (or try not to let it) come into my house. If you have the willpower to have a pantry full of fake food and not consume it, more power to you. I don't! You will keep your family much healthier by examining more closely the types of foods you buy at the store. It doesn't have to be all organic or even allergen free, but try your best to make sure you are stocking your pantry with REAL FOOD! Your body and your mind will thank you for it! And remember, baby step it! Be gentle with yourself. If this is a totally new lifestyle for you, try changing your purchases just a few items at a time. Slowly transition over to healthier options and before you know it, you'll be eating a diet of REAL FOOD!



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