Do you ever feel kind of paralyzed? Or just a little stuck?

That is how I have felt lately. There is so much inside of me that I'm just dying to share, but I am still unsure how! Maybe it's writer's block. Maybe it's fear. It's probably a little of both!

The thing is...I feel the need to shift directions a little bit. For the past several years, most of my blogging has been about food and health - health in a more physical sense. My inner world has been shifting into the realm of emotional and spiritual health more and more, and there's so much of that journey that is just itching to be shared. It's time.

Of course, I am going to continue sharing about food and physical health because I believe in holistic health and healing. It's such a big part of my belief system. And the physical aspect really is important! But I am finding how very important the emotional component is too. I've shared before how it has been an integral part of my healing journey.

Part of my writer's block has been out of fear. It is much less scary for me to blog and share about food and physical health. Sure, I have the naysayers who think the way I eat is crock (oh well). But all in all, it doesn't feel vulnerable.

Sharing my emotional and spiritual journey and healing is much more vulnerable and scary. And yet, it's time. It's time to share my heart with all of you. I've shared parts of my heart before, but it's time to really open it. And open it consistently.

The things that I have learned over the past 5 years, but especially the past 2 years, have been life changing. I view life and the people in it in a completely different way. I am full of more love and peace than ever before. My purpose is more clear than it has ever been. My depression has eased tremendously. I know I came here to teach, and I now know with clarity what I came here to teach about.

I can't wait to share more!