30 Day Paleo Challenge

On Instagram, @healthfest is hosting a 30 day Paleo challenge. I decided to join in! I like eating Paleo because although I greatly miss my rice, oats, and other gluten free grains, it just makes me feel SO much better. Most of my chronic fatigue symptoms greatly improve and my digestive issues all but resolve when I'm very mindful about how I eat. Lately, my skin has been absolutely horrible!! It is mostly hormonal acne - I am fairly sure it's not caused by food intolerances - but it is annoying nonetheless. Eventually, I will get bloodwork done to see how my hormone levels are doing, but since my insurance doesn't cover lab work, I am going to wait until I'm done breastfeeding and things have normalized a bit. Eating a Paleo/anti-inflammatory diet is actually very good for balancing hormones, so I am hopeful that this will at least help! I also wouldn't mind losing some stubborn belly fat since having baby number four. I'm going to be doing a better job at adding in exercise this month so between a stricter eating plan and some exercise, I'm hoping to tone up a little bit. This 30 days will not be as strict as my 2 Week Cleanse Your Life Healing Program or a Whole30 but will basically be a slightly looser version of those two programs. You can read about my last Whole30 HERE which had amazing effects!

 My no makeup selfie (ok, I AM wearing mascara)...

My no makeup selfie (ok, I AM wearing mascara)...

Today was my first day and below is what I ate! I am feeling good so far but tonight the sugar cravings definitely hit, so I had a little raw peach cobbler (my husband had a pizookie and that just about did me in!!). I love eating this way because I eat so many more vegetables than normal. I love vegetables, but they aren't usually the first thing I reach for. Making a commitment to myself to do a 30 day challenge definitely helps me make better choices! 


I am the world's worst meal planner! I fly by the seat of my pants in all areas of my life so having a set schedule is very very hard for me! I sat down and listed out two week's worth of compliant meals for this challenge and decided to make it available in my shop for free! If you'd like to download it, click HERE. The recipes all come from my 2 Week Cleanse Your Life Program, Health Fest's ebook, or Against All Grain's Cookbooks


1,100 of you are following me on my Instagram and Facebook accounts so if you'd like to follow along on this 30 day journey, come on over! They are super fun communities and I'd love to connect with you!