Starting Our Family Economy

I have been wanting to find a way to help my kids do jobs and earn money but haven't known where to start. Enter sweet Ralphie from the Instagram Simply On Purpose. Her feed has so much great, gentle & peaceful parenting advice, but she's also very structured in how she mothers - which is completely different from me and not my strength at all.

She teaches about the Family Economy (from the book The Entitlement Trap - which I have had for years but haven't read yet, lol) and I really liked it. I took her ideas and kind of tweaked them to make them as easy and as doable as possible for me. I know the success of this system depends on me, so it needs to be clear cut and straight forward.

We are two days into implementing this system and so far it's going really well. My oldest - who is nine - is my most defiant. He hates to do jobs...basically he hates doing anything I ask of him. The past two days he has done all of his work on his own - without any hounding from me. My goal with this is that my kiddos will feel empowered and also self-motivated. After all, if they do the work, they get paid. If they don't do the work, they don't get paid. It's just like the real world. Being a self-starter is such a talent and I hope this system will help them develop that quality. So far so good!

Read more details about the Family Economy HERE.

If you'd like to tweak this printable to make it your own, you can go HERE and change my design then print it. Simply click the link, then on the left hand side click FILE and Make a Copy. Ours is laminated and on the fridge so the kids can see exactly what to do each day.

See the LIVE Facebook video below where I explain how it all works!

Family Economy Plan