What is "wrong" with me?

Many of you who have followed me for years might be familiar with the fact that I have struggled with seemingly unexplained fatigue and other issues for YEARS...at least 15 years, to be exact. I have written quite a few health updates over the years on this blog as I have tried many different avenues of healing...

Here are some of the things I've written over the years about my health:

Living with Chronic Fatigue
Anti-Candida Diet Journal
y Experiences with Depression

 My cute fam on Easter!! And yep, my hair is platinum...I love it and then also I miss my brunette!

My cute fam on Easter!! And yep, my hair is platinum...I love it and then also I miss my brunette!

So here we are today. And I am still tired. And that sucks. I feel so so so drained. For so many years, I did special diet after special diet, saw doctor after doctor, and took supplement after supplement to help heal myself and my son. And I feel like I am just back at square one. 

It's hard to even figure out what to write right now...so I apologize if this post is all garbled.

We will start with my most recent shenanigans at the doctor's office. I started seeing the practice East West Health and I LOVE it. They are great - so supportive and loving! Plus I am doing acupuncture for the first time (I did a couple of sessions when I was pregnant with my third but have never done it therapeutically) and I am LOVING acupuncture - surprisingly.

I like that they integrate Eastern and Western medicine and that their philosophy is "Test, don't Guess." So we have done a TON of testing...instead of writing a big list I am just going to write down what we tested and what we've uncovered so far...

Hair Analysis for food and environmental sensitivities + nutrient deficiencies:

  • Found out I am intolerant to Beets, Black Tea, Broccoli, Honey, Butter Lettuce, Mixed Seafood, Red Currant, Walnut, Pistachio, Oats. I have to avoid these foods for 3-4 weeks and then I can reintroduce them one at a time to see if they are causing any reactions. Most aren't a big deal but I do have to say that Broccoli is like my favorite so #WHINYFACE.
  • Also sensitive to lots of environmental junk like Dust, Trees/Grasses, Dogs, Fungus, Mold, Formaldehyde, Birds, Rodents, etc...
  • Deficient in Glutathione and Vitamin B6

Genetic Test:

  • I have two genetic mutations...I don't know a ton about them yet but I have MTHFR and COMT. So we are supporting my body to help these mutations. Getting Magnesium, Glutathione, B Vitamin injections at the office weekly.

Stool Test:

  • Found out I am not digesting fats.
  • I have inflammation.
  • I have some markers for IBS.
  • I need more diversity - so strong probiotics and prebiotics.
  • A few types of bacteria that are overgrown but no parasites or yeast. Suspecting SIBO or maybe even Celiac.

Adrenal Test:

  • Sort of on the border of adrenal fatigue - my Cortisol levels spike really high around 3 pm (right when kids get home from school, lol!!). We are working on bringing this down and getting it balanced...

Neurotransmitter Test:

  • Low Serotonin and low GABA

Blood Work:

  • Cholesterol looks good!
  • Inflammation looks good!
  • Thyroid is a little low but is probably being affected by adrenals, so we are addressing adrenals first as a root cause.
  • FERRITIN is VERY LOW. It's a 9 and should be above 80 apparently. Starting on an iron supplement ASAP but also looking into root causes for why this is so low (Celiac or Epstein Barr testing in the works...).
  • Vitamin D is low so continuing to add Vitamin D supplement daily (I'm the worst at taking supplements consistently!).
  • Sex Hormones are good, but Testosterone is a little low. This aligns with a lot of my symptoms and will hopefully address some of the lack of motivation I am having as well as non-existent libido. I am going to be using a bio-identical testosterone cream from a compounding pharmacy.

I think that is everything...I feel like we got a few answers - I am hoping the Iron thing will make a big difference in my fatigue. However, I still feel like there is a piece of the puzzle that is missing. That is why we will be doing a Celiac Panel (because of indicators on the stool test as well as the low Ferritin) and also an Epstein Barr test. If those don't show up, I imagine we will test for SIBO and Lyme too.

So basically I really still feel in limbo mode. I honestly feel very hopeless, unmotivated, and afraid I'll never get better. Even though I know I'm in good hands, I am struggling to stay positive. I am supposed to do sort of Paleo diet for inflammation but honestly guys I can't even...I am trying but it's so hard. I just want to shove all the cake in my face all the time. I feel exasperated with diets because I have been so strict on my food for so many years and yet here I am. So I guess that triggers me a little. I'll face a diet change when I'm feeling better...

There's my health update. Not upbeat but it's life.

So, the reason for the title "What is "wrong" with me?" is because I still feel like we are trying to figure it all out. I really hope I'll feel better soon but for now I just gotta ride the waves of down days and up days!

5 Reasons Why I've Decided To Do Another Whole30

Well, I am dusting off the old blog!!

I remember the days where I used to blog every day...the days when I only had one kid. Haha! And I literally couldn't imagine a time where I wouldn't have the time to blog.

Well, as you have all probably noticed...that day has come. I no longer MAKE the time to write on this poor blog but I always think about it!

Thank goodness for Instagram...THAT is a pace I can keep up with as a busy mama. However, I do want to write here more. Let's call it a New Year Resolution...maybe.

Anyways. So, over the years, I have written extensively about my health journey - both here on this blog and on my Instagram.

Most of you know how much I have struggled with depression over the years. Well, once more, perhaps because of the winter season, I am fighting a bit of depression. Mostly very low energy and NO motivation to be healthy. That sucks! Especially as a health coach and as someone who is extremely conscientious about their health and loves to share that passion with others!

But it's true. I'm having a hard time eating healthy. I always feel best mentally, emotionally, and physically when I am eating really well - and I tend to feel awesome when I'm eating a Whole30 type diet, so it's been on my mind the past few months to do another one.

However, I've had to be gentle with myself because I knew I just couldn't take on that type of task yet with my depression. I am feeling well enough now that I *might* be able to handle it, which is why I am contemplating it more seriously. So I thought I'd share what that journey looks like for me and why I have decided to do yet another round of the good old Whole30.

  1. I feel REALLY good when I am on Whole30. More energy than normal. Amazing sleep. A happier mood. A clearer mind and complexion.
  2. When I have mentally committed to something, it is much easier for me to stick with it. For me, the strictness of a program like Whole30 is helpful. I am a lot less likely to fall off the bandwagon if I have a clear goal in mind.
  3. I do better when it's ALL OR NOTHING. Meaning, if I say I am going to go off of sugar but I don't really mean it and I still allow all sorts of cheats, I always end up failing. When I make a conscious decision to go off of ALL sugar, I just do better. Period.
  4. With a program like Whole30, I can commit to taking better care of myself for 30 days. My self-care goes way downhill during depressive episodes (including not even feeding myself for hours and hours at a time), so this is sort of a way to say to myself "I love you and I am willing to work hard for you." It feels like a huge sacrifice and it's actually super scary to commit to, though.
  5. I have been eating emotionally to cope with depression and I need to kick that habit...and lose the pounds I've gained in the meantime. Whole30 isn't about weight loss, but that's a nice side effect that comes with better health. I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in losing a few pounds.

So, there you have it. Those are my thoughts - and I am sure I'll think of more the second I hit publish. I mostly just feel like I need to do this. It feels intuitive and that's what I think is most important.

Whatever you do in life, make sure it feels good and intuitive for you.

I'd like to quickly share my thoughts on some of the criticisms of Whole30:

Often times, people have a hard time transitioning back to a regular diet without guilt. I totally get this because I've been there. I think it's a journey we've all taken. I am grateful to say I have mostly been able to overcome those feelings of guilt and shame that come with eating things that are "bad' or labeled as "unhealthy." If I do a round of Whole30, and then eat some sugar or something that is not Whole30 approved, I am not for a minute going to feel bad about myself (and I'd argue, that is not what the creators of Whole30 intended)! I have worked so hard over the past few years to really approach life from a place of love and that is how I am approaching this. I am doing it because I love myself and every action I take is to show myself more love. So whether I am eating a donut or a bowl of salad, I am loveable and enough...exactly as I am in that moment.

Whole30 is not for everyone but it is something that helps me! I personally cannot stick to it for months and months at a time like some people do but once more that doesn't mean I am not enough or not doing "healthy" right. We all have to find our balance - and I am still trying to find mine. This round is part of it!

What are your thoughts? Have you done Whole30? Are you totally turned off by the idea? If you have depression, do you feel better when eating healthy too? I'd love to hear from you!

PS, I am updating my Cleanse Your Life Healing Program - so if you want to get Whole30 approved recipes, this e-book would be perfect for you! Don't buy it yet though...I am doing a sale just as soon as I get it updated and would love for you to wait for the deal <3 Stay tuned.

Did you miss my Periscope?

The other day I hopped on Periscope for the first time to teach my "Stay Healthy Naturally" class - it was so fun! Periscope definitely has a learning curve so the video is not the highest quality, but many people expressed that they enjoyed the class so much so that I'm posting it here for others to see.

stay healthy

My 8 Favorite Natural Face Products

Man, I have been struggling with breakouts on my face for quite some time! It has been so frustrating. Honestly, my complexion is so much worse now as a nearly 30 year old than it was when I was a teenager! I have tried many dietary adjustments and do not feel my breakouts are tied to diet, but rather to hormones which makes a lot of sense because I have had so much fluctuation of hormones over the past 8 years with pregnancies, birthing, and breastfeeding four babies. 

I switched to natural products five years ago and haven't looked back but I have never really gotten into any sort of skincare routine because well...I guess I've just been lazy. I finally decided to really bite the bullet and have a better routine. It's only been a couple of weeks but my face has definitely healed up a lot and will hopefully continue to clear up. I am working on balancing my hormones on top of having a good skincare routine. Natural skincare products are HUGELY important because all of the synthetics and chemicals in other products actually greatly affect our hormonal balance. If you're struggling with hormones - this includes thyroid, sex hormones, cortisol, adrenals, etc - (and most of us are!), this is a really important change to make in addition to eating real food and decreasing all types of stress!

I wanted to share some of my favorite skincare products with you all because I know that they are often more expensive than the conventional types. Because of that, I wanted to let you know my own experiences and hopefully give a good review. None of these products have been given to me for a review, these are things I have decided to use myself.

FYI - Most of these products are oil because I have switched to using the oil cleansing method. You can read more about that HERE!

1. Salis Skincare Lavender & Jasmine Salt Scrub


I started using this because I had heard rave reviews about it. It hasn't disappointed! Although I am still dealing with breakouts, this has been a great addition to my life! I use it in the shower because it is just so much easier. This particular scrub is great for hormonal acne. I notice that my face has a smoother and more even complexion since using this. Click on the title to go to Laura's website and learn more in depth about how this helps the skin and also be sure to follow her on Instagram - she posts the best information about skin! If you're in Utah you can even get a facial from her that will rock your world. I am going to actually start getting facials from her maybe once a month to help my skin even more. She knows her stuff and everything she uses is completely natural - she's extremely picky about what she puts on the skin and has the research to back it up!

2. Salis Skincare Blackhead Removal Mask


Another Salis Skincare favorite of mine is the Blackhead Removal Mask. It really helps to reduce pores and get rid of all those blackheads. You only use it on a small area of the face at a time (it is not an all over face mask) so it lasts a long time. I am still on my first container and bought it over a year ago. I need to use it more regularly but have loved how my skin feels after its use. Laura even says it can be helpful for under eye circles as it increases circulation to the area! Beware...it is pretty itchy so hurry and put it on then go right to sleep, lol!

3. Live Crude Everything Oil

live crude.jpg

This is a new addition to my routine and I am HOOKED. I have been terrible about washing my face outside of just when I shower (and use the Salis Salt Scrub), so this is what I have been using every night to remove my makeup and have a clean face before bed. It smells DIVINE and after only two weeks of using it, my blemishes are noticeably better. I also started using their PULL cloth and LOVE it. My face feels really clean after using it and it gets more makeup off than a regular washcloth. Meaning, no new breakouts and healing skin. Hooray! Follow them on Instagram!

4. Hydrated Redmond Clay Facial Mud


This clay is so soothing to the skin! I use it as an all over face mask. It pulls toxins and impurities from the skin. It is also good to dab on a blemish. Let it dry, then remove with water and a clean wash cloth. It is one of the biggest things (in addition to Moms Stuff Salve) that helped me with a terrible out-of-the-blue case of eye eczema last winter. 

5. Live Crude Detox Mask


Okay this mask is fun! It totally turns your face an army green color just like a camouflaged army person! I'll warn you - I didn't enjoy the smell at all the first time I used it. The second time I used it, the smell didn't bother me as much. It smells extremely earthy, I don't mind it anymore and actually really love it, but it could be a little bit of a shocker especially if you're used to perfume-y products. Go to my Instagram to see my army green face!!

6. Imbibe Skincare Uplifted Face Cream


I was given this in a swag bag at the A Blog About Love Choose Happiness Retreat (I wrote a little bit about some things that the retreat solidified for me HERE...AMAZING) in May and have been using a travel size container. I am in LOVE with it but I actually can't figure out how to order more because it looks like the website and products have changed. With the oil cleansing method, you actually don't need a moisturizer (you can use the oil itself to moisturize) but I haven't quite broken the habit yet of moisturizing. My skin tends to be dry and this makes it feel so supple...mmmm. Perhaps when I run out of this it will be the kick I need to just switch to oil for good. Here's a link to another face moisturizer I've used for years and loved.

7. Natural Face Moisturizer


When I don't use the Imbibe moisturizer, I use this one that I made and do love it too! The jojoba oil is extremely good for the skin and the Frankincense reduces inflammation, heals fine lines, and promotes healthy cell growth. You can't go wrong with a tiny drop of this to moisturize your face.

Jojoba oil

8. Acne Spot Treatment

This is an essential blend specifically formulated to promote clear skin. I use this on my new blemishes and it helps them to heal faster in addition to the other products I'm using.

When you're choosing an essential oil or anything you're putting on your face (or into your body for that matter) be choose to use high quality, clean, organic products. I choose to use doTerra essential oils for myself and if you'd like more information on how they've helped me, contact me here.

I am super hopeful that by continuing to use these amazing products AND by incorporating an actual CONSISTENT facial routine, that I'll see marked improvement in my breakouts!! If you suspect that food is a root cause of your breakouts, I would recommend trying an elimination type diet to see what it is that you're reacting to. I offer mentoring on elimination diets both individually or through my Cleanse Your Life Healing Program e-book

See a post I wrote years ago about other natural beauty products/makeup I use!

Do you have any natural face products that you adore!?