I wrote this healing program for anyone who wants to take their health to the next level. My Cleanse Your Life HEALING Program is an anti-inflammatory plan that will leave you feeling your best. My program has six key components - HEALING FOODS, MEDITATION, AFFIRMATIONS, MOVEMENT, SLEEP, AND GENTLE DETOXIFICATION. When you follow this plan, you will feel more vibrant, your gut issues will settle, and you will begin to put out the fire of inflammation in your body.


When you purchase my healing program, you will get a full color, 90+ page PDF Digital Download including the following:

40+ recipes that are all anti-inflammatory, Paleo and Whole30 friendly - that means no grains, legumes, sugar, or dairy!
A complete shopping list
A Full 2 Week Meal Plan Layout
14 full color 3x5 Printable Daily Affirmation cards
Guided Meditations
Gentle Detoxification Instructions
Emotional Health and Stress Reduction Tips
Information about choosing ingredients, kitchen tips, and more!
Supplement Suggestions
Movement/Exercise Suggestions

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Here's what participants are saying about the Cleanse Your Life HEALING Program:

"I've been following Cleanse Your Life by blog, Instagram, and Facebook for years, but this program gave me a step by step plan for finally implementing what I've admired for so long! The plan was complete with a shopping list, meal plan, recipes, and added information about detoxification, supplements, meditation, and other tools for promoting wellness. I'm so happy I did this; I learned so much! The Pot Roast dinner was fabulous!!! I've never done a roast with tomatoes, and wow wow wow!!" - Marilee

"I can't tell you how valuable prep is to eating clean. I finished my 14 days yesterday and didn't plan a lunch for myself at work. I did a quick protein shake this morning and found myself hungry by 10 am. There's a Sprouts by my work so I thought I would run in and get something quick. I purchased some nitrate free deli meat and then I saw all these goodies that had healthy ingredients so I thought I would give them a try. Well I took a couple of bites from each of the treats and couldn't finish them as they were so sweet even though they were only sweetened with maple syrup. Then the belly ache hit - ouch! I'm a believer! This program and eating clean has had me feeling so much better and tonight my breakfast and lunch for work will definitely be prepped!" - Debbie

"The biggest improvements I saw during the program were that I had no bloating after meals, I felt skinnier, I lost a little bit of weight, had more energy, and way less brain fog. Also, I've always had imbalanced hormones along with infertility and insulin resistance. I started seeing a new doctor right before I started the program. With the prescriptions I've been taking from my doctor, plus eating healthier, I am seeing benefits and it couldn't have come at a better time! My body is finally working like it should and I want to keep doing all I can to get (and keep!) my body healthy so my husband and I can have kids someday! Also, my blood pressure always used to be slightly too high, but I have had my blood pressure taken three times during the program and it's been normal!" - Rebecca

"I loved the meditation portion of the program. I have done it on and off, but with the program, I really embraced it every night. Oil pulling was not new to me so I chose to include skin brushing and pampered myself more than usual when time allowed. I chose to do yoga instead of my usual weight lifting for exercise. Now for the food - even though I prepared my meals, they were not well rounded. I lead a busy life as a campground manager. The days I had off were great, but the other 5-6 days of the week I often had a shake for breakfast. I did lose about 6 pounds. The usual morning aches and pains subsided and the bloating went away. The support group was the best! I did not contribute a lot but I really felt inspired by everyone and the quick responses I saw from Kami. I often re-read one of the posts about someone feeling deep hunger but choosing to stick to the approved foods. I would have caved having skipped lunch if it weren't for that post! I want to thank you Kami for all the sleepless nights, work, and devotion you put into the program. I believe it will help many become more aware of what their bodies need!" - Susan

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I can't wait for you to Cleanse Your Life!