This healing program is for anyone who wants to take their health to the next level. The Cleanse Your Life HEALING Program is an anti-inflammatory plan that will leave you feeling your best. It has six key components - HEALING FOODS, MEDITATION, AFFIRMATIONS, MOVEMENT, SLEEP, AND GENTLE DETOXIFICATION. When you follow this plan, you will feel more vibrant, your gut issues will settle, and you will begin to put out the fire of inflammation in your body.

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In this FREE e-book, I teach you how to stay healthy naturally all year long. In it, I give my best tips & tricks to keep your immune system strong as well as my favorite remedies to fight off illness, including my famous elderberry syrup (with the recipe!)

One Day Real Food Meal Plan

You'll love this FREE plan with a full day's worth of nourishing, real food meals. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, AND Dessert! You'll also learn how to distinguish what Real Food is, as well as how to reduce shame around eating and rely on your intuition to guide you.